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Starry Desert Nights camp

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Starry Desert Nights camp

“Night poured over the desert. It came suddenly, in purple. In the clear air, the stars drilled down out of the sky, reminding any thoughtful watcher that it is in the deserts and high places that religions are generated. When men see nothing but bottomless infinity over their heads they have always had a driving and desperate urge to find someone to put in the way .”
Terry Pratchett, Jingo


A Luxury Desert Camp ventures to bring home the charms, pleasures, uniqueness and excitment of the Sahara life. It is designed to elevate your understanding of the sensitive sahara environment while also fostering a respect for the history and culture of the Berber people that occupy this beautiful place on earth.


We assure you of one excellence in all fields to attend to your needs at the barest minimum expenses that will amaze you.We provide perfectly equipped tentage luxury accommodation with all supply needed thus we bring home away from home experience to you.


Enjoy your traditional Moroccan dinner in inside our restaurant or have it served outside under the beautiful Sahara desert sky as the evening envelops the camp in inky blackness. A wonderful experience you will remember for lifetime.